About Matthew David Cameron
Matthew David "Matt" Cameron (born November 28, 1962) is an American musician who serves as the drummer for the American rock bands Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. After getting his start with the Seattle, Washington-based rock bands Bam Bam and Skin Yard, he first gained fame as the drummer for the grunge rock band Soundgarden, which he joined in 1986 and remained in until the band's break-up in 1997, triggered by creative friction. In 1998, Cameron was invited to play on Pearl Jam's U.S. Yield Tour. He soon became a permanent member and has remained in the band ever since. Additionally, Cameron has served as the drummer for the side project bands Hater and Wellwater Conspiracy, also acting as the lead singer for the latter.

Anonymous asked: why do some people find that matt is an asshole? I've just been going through matt cameron tags, and there were a lot of posts saying he was an ass...

Anonymous asked: can you send me the link for the matt cameron interviews (the one about loving chris cornells body)

Send me a message and I’ll send you the link when I get home.

Anonymous asked: where are those quotes about current music from? also the one about cornell's body?

Matt Cameron interviews, Soundgarden Archives, and Matt Cameron videos. 

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"Interviewer: Are there any new musicians that you absolutely hate?
Answer: I believe that every artist is adding something to the music industry but if I have to pick. I would have to say Nicki Minaj or LMFAO. I mean Pharrell’s producing work is some of the greatest stuff I’ve ever heard but the fact he doesn’t get much recognition upsets me. Nicki Minaj’s music is terrible and I hate that the youth has to listen to this.
Interviewer: Are you leaving Pearl Jam for Soundgarden?
Answer: *Matt Cameron hangs up on interviewer*"
Matt Cameron
"Interviewer: Have you ever been jealous of Chris Cornell’s body? He’s on stage shirtless all the time so it has to be intimidating.
Matt Cameron: At first I was intimidated by his body, he has an amazing body but once I found out that he wears makeup to cover up his flaws I wasn’t jealous anymore.
Chris Cornell: I do not wear makeup.
Matt Cameron: So do you like our new album?
Chris Cornell: Do not change the subject."
Matt Cameron
"Question:Have you ever been in love with a fan?
Answer: Yes I have, this one guy came to one of the Pearl Jam shows and he had on a I love Matt C shirt so I thought he was talking about me and after the show I chased him down and wanted to know if his shirt had to do with me and he told me NO. I was really mad about the situation but I had him sign my shirt so I was happy at the end of the day."
Matt Cameron